Monday, February 16, 2009

Masses in the Extraordinary Form in the Palm Beach Diocese

The Schola cantorum will be serving two Masses in the extraordinary form in March. The first will be for the 1st Sunday in Lent (March 1) at St Patrick Catholic Church in Palm Beach Gardens. The second will be for the Third Sunday in Lent (March 15) at St Christopher Catholic Church in Hobe Sound. Both Masses will be celebrated at 2:00 pm and will be in the form of the Missa cantata, which means there will be a single priest, Father Kevin Nelson, with schola to sing the Ordinary and Proper chants. We invite everyone to attend these historic events.

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Jennifer Lewis said...

Hi Dr. O'Connor. I just saw your post on Fr. Z's site and had to shout with glee. I am a regular visitor to the WBP. I was born and raised there and my parents still live there. I'm a convert to the faith, live in the Arlington diocese of Virginia, and am blessed to have multiple options for the TLM on Sundays and some daily masses. Coming home to WBP is very difficult for me for no other reason than attending Mass there and this has been a source of great contention with my family who are already not pleased by my conversion. I realize that every diocese has its liberal and conservative parishes, but in the 4-5 that I have visited (trying to determine by their website whether they are orthodox), I still have not found a parish that I can attend......peacefully. So, I have two questions....1)do you have an email list where you alert readers as to the occasions of the TLM (and I pray there will be many more of them)? and 2)could you tell me which are the more conservative parishes in the area? I am assuming St. Patrick's with Fr. Nelson, are there others? my email is (please delete this once you've read it). Thank you and God Bless you for your part in bringing the glorious gift of the TLM to WPB!


Jennifer Lewis