Friday, March 13, 2009

Chant Workshop Wrap-up

Dr. Jennifer Donelson has posted a post-workshop summary at the Musica Sacra Florida site. Stop by and drop her a comment or two on this very nice summary with photos. From my perspective, I thought the workshop went very well, especially for the first one. There was a good number of folks there (manageable for us) and everyone seemed to have an appropriate instructional-level class to attend. I hope everyone had a splendid time as was able to learn something. I thought all the groups did a splendid job at the Saturday Mass. Thanks to all the Palm Beach Schola members who attended. I think we were represented well. I'm sure it was nice to chat and sing with other Floridians who share your passion for chant. You really are not alone!

Just a reminder too that the men will be singing for Mass at St Christopher's in Hobe Sound this Sunday at 2:00. All a acapella!

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